genealogy of the vest family
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West Virginia



Latitude: 38.5976262, Longitude: -80.4549026


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ???, Hazle  1898West Virginia I6617
2 Anderson, Charles Zebulon  1864West Virginia I3676
3 Bias, Charles  1920West Virginia I6720
4 Bias, Clara Louise  1927West Virginia I6760
5 Bias, Elbert L  1919West Virginia I6757
6 Bias, Henry Washington  18 Feb 1878West Virginia I6566
7 Bias, John Matthew  Jul 1894West Virginia I6577
8 Bias, Marshall Edward  1915West Virginia I6736
9 Bias, Raymond  1920West Virginia I6758
10 Bias, Richard M  1923West Virginia I6759
11 Bourne, Joseph H  7 Feb 1900West Virginia I7409
12 Broughman, Gloria  1927West Virginia I6766
13 Byers, Edith Marie  29 Mar 1903West Virginia I6625
14 Campbell, Howard  1902West Virginia I7125
15 Campbell, Stacal  1906West Virginia I7126
16 Campbell, Thomas P  1857West Virginia I6886
17 Connally, Vera J  1890West Virginia I4610
18 Dernberger, Adalaide Virginia  15 Feb 1915West Virginia I5242
19 Erskine, William Ottis Jr.  17 Jan 1925West Virginia I6745
20 Farley, Ira  1817West Virginia I725
21 Fisher, Leona  1884West Virginia I6592
22 Fisher, Wesley J.  Dec 1893West Virginia I6598
23 Gipson, Loretta Gail  27 Jan 1933West Virginia I6708
24 Houchins, Virginia Paris  1852West Virginia I1813
25 Kelley, Laura Belle  1891West Virginia I7044
26 Leiser, Stanley  8 Oct 1918West Virginia I9169
27 Palmer  1910West Virginia I6696
28 Plumley, Issac  1856West Virginia I1860
29 Sowards, Rosemary  30 Jul 1924West Virginia I6703
30 Sowards, Samuel Ernest  22 Oct 1967West Virginia I6778
31 Stout, Pearl  24 Sep 1896West Virginia I6631
32 Tuttle, Jacqueline Ethel  2 Jun 1922West Virginia I6701
33 Wallace, Georgia Altamae  7 Oct 1858West Virginia I6531
34 Wallace, Goldie Ann  7 Oct 1928West Virginia I6709
35 Woodall, John  1886West Virginia I6603
36 Woodall, Maggie  1891West Virginia I6604
37 Wyant, Eileen  1919West Virginia I6746
38 Wyant, Helen  1925West Virginia I6749
39 Wyant, Henry Richmond  10 Oct 1869West Virginia I6563
40 Wyant, Sampson  Apr 1896West Virginia I6632
41 Wyant, Thomas Auttie  1 Mar 1894West Virginia I6630


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bias, Elbert D  1965West Virginia I6635
2 Dernberger, Adalaide Virginia  12 Feb 2001West Virginia I5242
3 Martin, Adelpha  1900West Virginia I473
4 Plumley, George Washington  23 Apr 1925West Virginia I1828
5 Sowards, Samuel Ernest  22 Oct 1967West Virginia I6778
6 Underwood, Creed Robert  26 Oct 1940West Virginia I1486
7 Vest, Jehu John Jasper  Feb 1921West Virginia I1812
8 Vest, Virginia Caroline  8 Jan 1944West Virginia I1827
9 Wallace, Goldie Ann  19 Apr 2007West Virginia I6709
10 Walters, Mary Jane  1900West Virginia I428
11 Woodall, John  West Virginia I6603
12 Woodall, Maggie  West Virginia I6604


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Dudding, Dessie Florence  1888West Virginia I7042
2 Farley, William R  1891-08West Virginia I1824


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bias / McCallister  1921West Virginia F2580
2 Palmer / Sowards  1930-1935West Virginia F2607